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God-Remembrance — Ananda

by Nayaswami Pushpa

Swami Kriyananda mentioned, “There may be one level that stands out in my throng of candy recollections, and it’s the truth that what happy [Master] all the time, above all the pieces else, was devotion, and a continuing inward remembrance of God. Philosophical truths have been, for him, solely avenues to the expression of divine love. Good work with out devotion might need impressed him, but it surely by no means thrilled his coronary heart.”

We should always not consider ourselves as reaching out for God. He’s not outdoors of us. He’s not separate from us. He’s the closest of the close to, the dearest of the pricey. We simply must open our hearts to Him. He’s ever within the current second. We should always all the time take Him with us, together with Him in each our victories and failures. He needs to be a part of our lives.

Yogananda shared the instructing from the Vedas that there are eight elements of God: Mild, Love, Peace, Calmness, Knowledge, Sound, Energy, and Pleasure. We will grow to be extra conscious of God by specializing in one in every of His qualities, feeling that high quality inside us, after which increasing it out to the touch the entire world. We have been made in God’s picture and likeness, so these qualities are an innate a part of us additionally. They assist us to attach with Him, and likewise to really feel Him as a part of our very nature.

Someday Krishna mentioned to Draupadi (who, within the Mahabharata, symbolizes the kundalini power), “Why don’t you apply yoga meditation?” “I’d like to, Lord,” Draupadi answered earnestly, “however how can I do it? Each time I sit to apply the methods, I grow to be so absorbed in You that I overlook all the pieces else!” At these phrases, Krishna solely smiled, blissfully.

Could all of us grow to be so absorbed!



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